It is good to be home after 9 days overseas.  Tim Perkins and I had a GREAT time visiting our sister church, Island Christian Church, in Kherson, Ukraine.  If you get a chance, check out either my Facebook page or Live Oak's Facebook page for pictures!

  • PUMPED about preaching this new series entitled FRICTION.
  • Friction is all about two opposing forces working inside of us.  In the coming weeks we'll be talking about:
    • Believing in God verses Knowing God
    • Believing in God but not Telling Others about God
    • Being In the World and not Of the World
  • I believe that it is in the friction that God grows our faith.
  • John wrote a letter to the church in Laodicea and told them not to lukewarm - be hot or cold!  God wants us to pick a side and LIVE it.  Which side will you pick, hot, or cold.
  • It is IMPOSSIBLE to be a lukewarm Christian - you're either in, or out.
  • In the Ukraine God struck me deep with several thoughts about my own faith.  (I'm hoping to blog some of them this week.)  One of the deepest questions that He hit me with was the simple question, "Do you trust Me?"
    • Do I trust God with my problems?
    • Do I trust God with my dreams?
    • Do I trust God with me family?
    • Do I trust God with my marriage?
    • Do I trust God with my daughters' lives?
    • Do I trust God with my ministry?
  • Simply put, there is often FRICTION in my heart between what I know I'm capable or incapable of and what I THINK God is capable or incapable of.  Stupid though really, but it's true.  I often believe that I know better than God, that I can do better than God, that I'm smarter, wiser, stronger ... that my options are better than His.  It is a friction between trusting in God or trusting in me.
  • I should trust in Him more often ...

What are some of the FRICTIONS that God wants to expose in your heart?