I love money. It brings me what I want. It gives me stature. It gives me power. It brings me my desires. It seperates me from other people. It moves me to the front of the line. It entitles me to more. It relieves my worries for today and ensures my future tomorrows. I love money. - OR -

I hate money. It makes me want more. It gives me a false sense of self. It addicts me to power. It makes my desires insatiable. It seperates me from other people. It makes everyone else in line resent me. It deepens my worries for every day and adds stress to my future tomorrows. I hate money.

It's funny how a collapsing economy and stock market can make everyone's perspective on money change in the blink of an eye. People who have a lot of money are freaking out about losing it and people who don't have it are worried about having less of it. I have been sharply reminded that the love of money is an empty thirst that can never be quenched; an addiction that can never be fulfilled.  An incredibly wise man once said, "What does it profit a man to gain the whole world, but to lose his soul?"  I love what missionarey Jim Elliot said:

"He is no fool to give what he cannot keep, to gain that which he cannot lose."

Why am I writing this today? Becuase last week I sat in an airport and watched people fall apart over an economy that was doing the same. Today I am sitting in the same airport watching people feel like the world has been "saved" because the stock market rebounded. God forgive us for putting our hope in the market instead of putting it in our Maker. Forgive us for fearing a future without financial security instead of a future without You. God, forgive us for loving money instead of loving You.

Maybe this post sounds pious - I hope not. I struggle with wanting things and worrying about futures too.  I am easily overwhelmed by what I want instead of what I need. I am a proud man who feels like a failure when he can't provide the way he wants to. I struggle too, but I want to be on the solution side.  I want to be filled with hope and encouragement instead of fear and uncertainty. I hope this post is more of a call to faith instead of a commentary on finances.  But a call to faith won't come until we ... I ... stop loving money and start living for faith.