Let's be honest - sometimes leadership is hard.  Sometimes it is so consuming and all-encompassing that it takes over everything!  Leadership CONSUMES.  It can eat at your time, your family, your emotions, your energy, your joy, your heart, and your life.  It is demanding and dictating - demanding more and dictating life. So, several years ago God revealed a new mission statement to me - "Honor God by loving and leading people."

Honor ... God ... loving ... leading ...

Sounds good, doesn't it?  (I thought it did.)

Here's the catch with leadership.  If you aren't a great follower, you will never be a great leader.

Sounds backwards, I know.

When all I do is lead others and forget about being a follower of Jesus Christ, I work counter to the mission God has called me to.  When all I do is lead without following, the results look like this:

Honor ... me ... dishonor ... God ... love me ... lead no one.

Am I being hard on myself?  Maybe.  I think I'm being honest though.

How about you?  If you are a leader, take a minute, and instead of asking yourself how well you are leading, ask how well you are following.  I promise you that if your answer to that question is "not very well," then you aren't leading very well either.

Right now, I know I'm not.