After a few weeks of vacation, we're back and rolling!  Here are a few thoughts about being a Christian that hit me while I was on vacation:

  • This is an amazing time to be a Christian.  Access to hear about Jesus is unprecedented.  Think of all the options - radio, TV, CDs, the internet where you can podcast audio or video, live stream or record, and broadcast worldwide.  The tools available for the Kingdom are astounding!
  • This is a dangerous time to be a Christian.  Around the world the persecution of Christians becomes more and more acceptable every day.  Many countries are not only closed to the Word of God, but are also encouraging the persecution of anyone who follows Christ.
  • This is an uneasy time to be a Christian.  Never has the voice or authority of God been more hushed, ignored, or pushed to the side in American culture than today.  Whether it be in the realm of politics, education, religion, or even in other Christian churches, the attempt to silence Jesus is real.
  • This is a humble time to be a Christian.  While the voice of "religion" is being quieted (and rightly so), Christians are slowly learning that this world might not be about them.  It seems that the modern church is awakening to the fact that in spite of all that the name of Christ comes against in this world, the church often stands in the greatest contrast to His character.
  • This is a powerful time to be a Christian.  Never has the name of Jesus or His story been more accessible AND more in search of.  People around the globe are searching for something ... someone ... to make sense of their life, their existence, their purpose.  The know they want - they NEED - something bigger than themselves.

There is no greater time ... There is no better time ... There is no more adventurous time ... There is no more rewarding time ... There is no more effective time ...

Than THIS time.  What are you waiting for?

If you're waiting for something to happen.  If you're waiting for someone else to do it for you.  If you're unsure of something.  If you keep watching everyone else around you.  If you're asking yourself, "Is now the right time?"  If you look around and question whether you're supposed to get in the game, then in the challenging words of Mordeci to Esther, "And who knows but that you have come ... for such a time as this?"