THAT was a tough sermon to preach!  There's nothing like starting off a sermon by having everyone tell the person next to them that they are a sinner!  But that's where we needed to start off.  We all breathe, we all eat, we all sleep, and we all sin.  Every one of us.  From there we took a look at the person of Achan from Joshua 7.  So many good lessons to be learned from Joshua and the Hebrew Nation to Achan and his "hidden sin:"

  • Here's the big take-away - HIDDEN SIN ALWAYS BRINGS THE HARDEST FALL
  • When we try to hid our sin all we are really doing is admitting that we know it was wrong.
  • Furthermore, when we hid our sin we usually end up dragging more people down with us.
  • Can you think of a hidden sin that was exposed that didn't have a profound effect on the people around the person who was hiding the sin?
    • Was their family spared?
    • Was their church spared?
    • Was their business or reputation spared?
    • Was the name/reputation of God spared?
  • When hidden sin is exposed, and it always is, it isn't just the sinner who goes down, but the people associated with them.
  • We tend to think that our  hidden sins will never be exposed anyway, or that we have nothing to lose if it is exposed.
    • Think of the most recent "hidden sins" exposed in the news:
    • Tiger Woods - Was his family caught up in his issues?  His business?  His reputation?
    • Mel Gibson - Has his career been effected?  What about the legacy of his "Passion of the Christ" movie?
    • Mark Sanford - Did his marriage suffer?  His leadership?  His Christian witness?
  • Would your family, relationships, business, church, legacy, leadership, or Christian witness be effected if your "hidden" sins were uncovered?  Absolutely.
  • The deal is, there is no such thing as a "hidden sin."  God always sees.  He always knows.  He always exposes.
  • But if we can take Joshua's advice to Achan to heart and follow his suggestion ... if we could all just do the following when we have screwed up: "Bring glory to the name of the Lord, by telling the truth ... hide nothing ..."
  • Will it hurt?  Yes.  Will there be consequences?  Yes.  Is there forgiveness?  Unquestionably.  And that's be encouragement from the morning
  • While the God of today is the same God of the Old Testament, his agreement with us is different.  Instead of us paying the penalty for our sins, God already did, through Christ, so telling the truth and hiding nothing brings HUGE glory and attention to the name of the Lord.

Next week we are going to talk about the Older Brother from the story of "The Prodigal Son."  It is a powerful follow up to this week's message on Achan.

And let me take just a minute to say how much I love teaching the Word of God.  This weekend's sermon wasn't a popular sermon and probably won't be the most downloaded podcast from our site, but it was no less the truth.  I will never get tired of hearing, studying, and sharing God through His Word!