On a spiritual retreat recently I sat beside a beautiful lake for a few hours and just … observed. The water was very still, the sky was a perfect blue, the sun was fully brilliant; it was a breathtaking and peaceful sight.I kept asking God to talk to me, but all I could think about was how small I am.Compared to even the tree right next to me, I am so small, and the tree is smaller than the lake ...Compared to this lake, I am tiny, and this lake is nothing compared to the sun above me ...Compared to the enormous sun, I am not even noticeable, and the sun is infinitesimal compared to the vast sky and universe …Compared to THAT, well, I'm nothing! I am like a tiny speck of sand on the seashore. And yet, when I heard God's voice He encouraged me by saying:

"Michael, you are so BIG!

I didn't die for the tree.I didn't die for the lake.I didn't die for the sun or the sky.I died for you!You are big because my love for you is huge!It isn't how big YOU are, it is how big MY LOVE FOR YOU is that counts …And my love for you is so big that it has no middle, no edges, and no end!"So it hit me ... a great reminder:I may be small in stature, but I am HUGE in value, because God's love for me is bigger than anything in all of creation.Now THAT'S big.