While the internet has been frustrating (I can't get an email out), I'm thankful for the blog!I can't begin to express how amazing this trip has been. The last two nights we have spent out in the bush talking to the Fulani people. Both nights we have been able to stay as guests of the camp's chiefs. Unreal. We are currently in the middle of the holy month of Ramadan for the Muslim faith, so having the opportunity to sit by the campfire at night under the stars of Nigeria and talk to their leaders about Jesus ... unbelievable. This morning, after spending two hours last night sharing the story of the Bible, one of the camp leaders came in and told us that he could not sleep all night. He was frustrated trying to pray 5 times a day and be a "good Muslim" and was overwhelmed to hear this story about Jesus and the free grace He gives. Did he accept Christ and run to the river to be baptized? No. Does he now know who Messiah Jesus is and is he allowing his heart to heart the voice of God? Yes, maybe for the first time. This has been the theme of our trip - immeasurably more. We prayed for it, and God has answered. Tonight we have dinner with three Imams from the local Mosque. We are hoping to introduce them to the Jesus of the Bible. Immeasurably more ... who knows what is to come?!