Where to start on this final post from Nigeria ... To say that God has done immeasurably more than we could ask or imagine would be a gross understatement. To say that we have seen God's Spirit work in the lives of the Fulanis that we met in camps and the Imams that we met in town would do an injustice to God's work and Spirit here. To suggest that I will return to the states with a different idea of ministry, sacrifice, and following Christ would be a pathetic thought in light of what we have seen here. To recap some of what we have seen:

  • I was able to preach in front of a small Fulani church and pray for a pastor's struggles with leadership and his own discipleship.
  • I was able to sit with Scott and discuss Nebe Esa (Teacher Jesus) at a Muslim Mosque with over 20 Imams and 60 Muslim followers - the first such dialogue between religious leaders in the 100 year history of Egbe.
  • I was able to share Christ with two seperate tribes of Fulani Muslims in the Bush of Egbe and Okoloke.
  • I was able to sit at a meal last night with 2 local Imams and 3 Muslim missionaries from the north to continue our discussions from the Mosque the other day.
  • I was able to help discuss the vision and leadership direction of the H.E.L.P. organization.

To say that Scott and I are emotionally and spiritually spent would be inaccurate.  We have given a lot through this week, all that we believe God called us to give, and are spent.  It has been humbling and exhilirating to see God's Spirit move through the work here, and He isn't anywhere near finished.

I hope to come back to Egbe and continue to minister here.  My heart has been touched and my spirit uplifted through the people of Nigeria and their passion.

Before I close I want to say thank you to the most amazing person in my life.  My wife Karrie has made this trip possible for me through her unending love and support.  Without here I would not have been used by God here in Nigeria.  I love her with everything I am and am honored and blessed to be called her husband.

See you all in a few days, State Side!