I am currently on a missions journey with my good friend Scott Beebe.  We arrived in Abuja, Nigeria last night and have spent much of the day driving out to Egbe, the town which hosts H.E.L.P (the organization we are working with). While I could write pages on what I have already experienced (much more to come when I get home) I'll keep the first post brief and to my heart.

On my way over I had a simple prayer for me personally - "God, show me your heart and show me what to do with it."  On the drive to Egbe I was blown away with this simple question.  As we rode I made the automatic "Jesus" comment everyone travling to a 3rd world country is required to make - God, how this must break your heart.  Then He turned the table on me and ask me a question - "why doesn't it break yours?"


It's not that my heart doesn't break, it certainly does.  But talk is very, very cheap.  The conviction I have this AM is simple - if poverty, sickness, pain, and "lostness" breaks the heart of God ... and I SAY it breaks mine ... what am I doing about it?

So I am sitting in an internet cafe (a small room with a table and three PCs with old "zip" drives on them) in Egbe and I know that I MUST change.  WE must change.

  • Can I save the world?  No.
  • Can I deliver people from poverty?  I'm not sure THEY want to be saved from poverty if that means living like Americans (I have seen more joy-filled "poor" people this morning than joy-filled "rich" people in American in a long time).
  • Can I help people move from where they are to where they want to be?  A little, but not much.

But I can show them Christ.  I can show them the very heart of God that will lead them to a transformation unlike anything this world has to offer.

I have and MUST change ... so do you.  We have much to do.