This past weekend I was blessed to teach for the last time at Kingsway Christian Church.  The text I was asked to teach on was 2 Kings 7.  The take-away for the lesson was "God gets the most when He uses the least."  This weekend I felt like the least and truly believe that God was given the most. The weekend went great and I loved every minute of it.  I loved hearing people respond.  I loved watching people connect.  I loved seeing the Church move to love others during the decision time.  I loved listening to God's people worship as I stood off to the side.  I loved reading the Word ... studying the Word ... learning the Word ... applying the Word ... and passing along the Word.  I loved seeing my wife and daughters in the balcony.  I loved seeing my parents, brother, nephew, cousins, aunts, and uncle.  I loved seeing my LIFE Group on their knees around a brother and sister struggling.  I loved it all.

But most of all I loved being used.  Not that God hasn't used me before, but it felt different over the weekend.

This may sound kind of strange, but it felt kind of like using an old hammer.  You can use a hammer to do a lot of things - pry open, pry off, door stop, paper weight - but it was made to hit things.  To drive things in.  When I was in God's hand this weekend (and that is the only reason I felt useful) it felt good.  It felt right.  It felt like I was doing what I was created to do.

I love Kingsway and always will and I deeply appreciate the many people who have encouraged and loved my family and me over the years.  I am especially grateful for the love and support recently.

It has been one of my great honors to be able to serve, lead, and teach at "the way" and it will continue to be my great honor to teach "The Way" at Live Oak.