It has been a while since I've posted a blog; hopefully this will be the first of many to come.  Thanks for your patience ... I have spent the last week with my girls.  For 21 days we were apart as I have been working in South Carolina while they have remained in Indianapolis trying to sell our house.  People have been asking how we are doing and the answer is, "we are great, but being apart really stinks!"  Let me just say that 21 days is a LONG time.  So last week, after 3 weeks apart, we spent the entire week together.  It was fantastic.  All the little things that I took for granted ... not anymore ... life is too precious and too short.  Anyway, I am back in SC for another run of 3 weeks before I get to see the girls again.

(On a side note, Karrie and I have NO IDEA how single moms do what they do.  If you are a single mom and you're reading this, we are amazed by your strength and resolve.  We also have a new respect for our military men and women.  God bless you all for the sacrifices you make for us.)

As I was flying last week I watched a mom wrestle her small son into his seat.  He was an adorable kid with a smile that lit up the airplane.  He must have been around 3 years old.  It was an early flight (7 a.m.) so by the time we got in the air he crashed hard!  About half way through the flight I looked over and he was o-u-t ... sprawled over his seat and part of his mom's.  Mom was almost asleep too ... it had been a long morning for her as well!  Then something caught my eye and stirred my heart.  As the little boy slept (soundly, I might add) his mother picked him up, craddled him in her arms and went back to sleep.  The whole thing seemed odd to me - the boy was sound asleep and perfectly content, why pick him up?  Because the mom wasn't.  It wasn't that the kid needed the comfort of mom, it was that mom needed the comfort of holding her son.

I loved the picture of a mother longing to hold her son, not because he needed her, but because she just watned to hold him.  Sound like something God would do with us ...

Girls, when momma reads this blog, know that daddy can't wait to hold you in his arms!