The Gospel changes everything, if it is the right gospel. If it is the wrong gospel, it changes nothing. Here's what I mean: The Gospel According to Me:

  • I'm a mess. I need help. God, save me through your Son, Jesus.
  • Now that I'm saved, I'll give You the best I can, which will prove that I love You, God.
  • I'll labor hard to please you, because you deserve my best efforts.
  • When I fail, I'll depend on Your grace, but I'll work harder not to do it again.
  • Obeying You, I'll help others and tell people about Jesus.
  • Obedience will make me a better follower.
  • In the end, I will spend eternity with You, because You saved me.
  • And in my life, I will give You glory.

The Gospel According to God:

  • Michael, you're a mess. You need help. Michael, I will save you through my Son, Jesus.
  • Now that You're saved, I'll live through you to be the best "you" you can be, which will prove that I love you, Michael.
  • I'll labor in you, which will please Me, giving you the best of Me, My Holy Spirit.
  • When you fail, you'll depend on My grace, but you'll do it again (and again, and again). I'll still work hard in You.
  • I'll use your obedience to help others, and your life to tell people about Jesus.
  • My Spirit working in you will make you a better follower.
  • In the end, I will open eternity to you, because I love you.
  • And in all of life, I will be glorified.

Which gospel are you living by, the gospel according to "me," or the Gospel according to Him?