Have you ever built a house? I haven't, but I have been around many people who have. Here's something I've never heard any of them say: "Come check out the foundation that was laid the other day!"

I've had people invite me to check out the floor plans in the blueprint phase. I've been asked over to several homes to see the walls going up. Everyone enjoys seeing a house that has the drywall hung. It's fun to walk through a home when you can see where everything goes. If the doors aren't hung or the windows in, at least you can see where they will go when the walls are in place. Homeowners will start telling you who gets which room and where their furniture is going to go once they see the outlines of each room.

But no one seems to be interested in showing people the foundation.

And so it is with leadership.

The most crucial piece to put into place when you are building a ministry, a program, a team, a whatever, is the foundation.

  • What is the vision?
  • What are the values?
  • What is the one clearly identifiable purpose?
  • How is it going to be led? Supported? Sustained? Defended?
  • Who should be placed on the team and what are their roles?

Conversations ... meetings ... LOTS of prayer ... convincing ... defending ... evaluating ... regrouping ... revisioning ... recasting ... MORE prayer ... MORE conversations ... MORE meetings ... MORE ... MORE ... MORE.

Wanna come see the foundation?

It's a grind. It is the grunt work of leadership. And it is ESSENTIAL to the short and long term success of anything you lead.

Don't lose sight of your dreams (blueprints and designs) while you're grunting it out on the foundation. The time, energy, investment, and hard work on foundation will pay off when the "building" is complete!