Have you ever thought about how much the cross of Jesus weighed?  Literal weight?  The cross itself would have been over 100 lbs., but if you factor in the exhaustion Jesus must have felt - a few sleepless nights, the pressure and stress of trials and public persecution, the humiliation of taunts and jeers from his enemies and accusers.  Then there was his physical state - repeatedly beaten at the hands of his captors, scourged (whipped with shards of rock and glass) to the point of near death, so brutally and physically tortured that he was not recognizable.  I can't imagine how heavy the cross must have felt. But most of the weight would have come from something else.  The spiritual weight of carrying the cross; becoming the actual payment or penalty for the sins of mankind.  Not his own sins, but the sins of humanity - forever.  Embodying that which His Father despised more than anything ... sin.  My sin.  Your sin.  The sins of the world.  Feeling separation from His Father for the first time in history.  Knowing that everything in creation has pointed to this moment and time and the weight of it ALL rested on Him.

I can't imagine.  I'm thankful that I don't have to.

Sunday we talked about the weight of the cross that Jesus carried ... and the amazing FREEDOM that we feel of not having to bear that weight!

  • Jesus carried my guilt, my shame, and my mistakes to the cross FOR me so that I didn't have to.
  • Jesus died as a penalty for my sins.
  • God's justice was served by Jesus' death.
  • Because of Jesus' death God was able to declare me "justified," "righteous," and "clean."
  • I no longer have to carry the guilt or shame of my sins - Jesus carried it for me.
  • I have been freed from sin!
  • This amazing truth blew the roof off of our services last Sunday!
  • Worship seemed sweeter, louder, and stronger after celebrating Jesus' cross.
  • We were invited to shed the weight of our guilt, shame, and sin and leave them at the foot of the cross.
  • Several people talked with me about being baptized in the ocean next Sunday after Easter service!

But the story isn't done yet!  I can't wait to talk about what happened after Jesus' cross next Sunday on Easter!

Join us, if you can, at Bluffton High School at 10:15 AND BRING YOUR FRIENDS!